Super Fans

Fans today demand more than just music, they seek  an intimate connection with their favorite artists.  But why should you, as an artist, care about these fans? Why should you engage?  Because it is a symbiotic relationship. The feeling a fan gives the artist is uplifting, it’s like oxygen. When fans and artists connect it can be rewarding to both. To make your fans feel like they are part of your experiences and your career should be the goal. Taking the fans on a journey, telling stories (only the way you can), will turn a casual fan into a super fan.

What is a super fan?

 A super fan is a loyal follower. It is a person who will follow the artist and their career wherever they may go. They are passionate about the artist, their music and everything else.  This fan subscribes to the artist’s channels, will buy the merch and travel to meet them or see them in concert.  They will bring you up in everyday conversations, just to make other people aware of you. Think of them as a brand ambassador. A super fan will sustain the artist throughout their career not just during their ups but also their downs.

Super fans are willing to spend money on their favorite artist, but with that comes expectations. Once this super fan does make a purchase if the artist does not communicate with the super fan they may become disillusioned. Now you have lost an influencer. However, if the artist over delivers then you have a fan for life. If the next release is a flop the super fan will still support the artist.

 Super fans will do what you ask BUT you have to ask them. Most artists don’t do that. Super fans like to spend around $60 per transaction. If you are only sending fans to the streaming sites, you are leaving money on the table. Today’s independent artists have direct access to fans. The artist has the ability to change the dynamics of the relationship. Prior to the explosion of the internet the artist would take the music to the label and the label would sell to everybody. Today independent artists can create music and sell it directly to their fans. Nielsen stated that $2.6B per year is left on the table because super fans do not have the option to spend it on their favorite artist.

For additional insight into super fans, we recommend the book “1000 True Fans” by Jon Longhurst

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